Thyroid gland is a butterfly shaped endocrine gland found at the front of neck.

It secretes predominantly T4 and T3. The production of T3 and T4 is stimulated by thyrotropin (thyroid-stimulating hormone, TSH) which is released by the anterior pituitary.

Any endocrine gland disturbance in the body can lead to a huge impact on the health of an individual.

  • HYPERTHYROID: this is a clinical syndrome that results from exposure of body tissues to excess circulating levels of free thyroid hormones.

Symptoms: palpitations, pruritus, diarrhea, weight loss, goitre, nervousness, irritability, tremor, amenorrhea, infertility, exoptholmos, heat intolerance, fatigue.

  • HYPOTHYROID: low levels of thyroid hormone are associated with raised TSH.

Symptoms: tiredness, weight gain, cold intolerance, hoarseness, goitre, bradycardia, anaemia, dryskin, myxoedema, infertility, constipation.

  • SIMPLE GOITRE: this is a term used to describe diffuse or multinodular enlargement of the thyroid which occurs sporadically and the cause is unknown. The effected patients are euthyroid and often have a family history of goitre.
  • SOLITARY THYROID NODULES: palpable thyroid nodules occur in approximately 5%of females. Multinodular goitre is benign, solitary nodules may be malignant.
  • MALIGNANT TUMOURS: most patients present with palpable solitary nodule, 90% of the cases can be papillary carcinoma and rest is follicular carcinoma. Most patients have an excellent prognosis when treated properly.

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