Vitiligo: is an auto immune disorder in which one’s own immunity would destroy pigment or color producing cells called Melanocytes. Usually the person who has vitiligo presents with white patches on the body.

The white patches can be hypo pigmented(less color) or depigmented (total loss of color).

White patches can occur all over the body (non segmental vitiligo) or limited to a region(segmental vitiligo).

Vitiligo can be hereditary, 25%  chances that there might be a positive family history of vitiligo in a patient who has vitiligo.

Vitiligo persons can also have Hypothyroid  and Diabetes.

There are number of treatments for this complaint but none can proudly proclaim their total success.

We at proudly state that we give such a treatment which ensures complete cure.

We adhere to homeopathic principles and our cases go through strict homeopathic analysis and we leave no option for the case but to give good results.

Homeopathic treatment is a truly Holistic system of medicine that it takes the physical and mental symptoms of a patient to consider a medicine.

Along with our treatment we advise our patients to follow a diet and add those elements in their diet which would make things more conducive for the pigmentation to come back.

Following is a case from my CASE MINE:

A male patient Mr V aged about 39 years,,Hindu residing at  ECIL , Hyderabad,  approached me presenting with  depigmented patches over dorsum of left hand  since 2008 years.

H/O.PRESENTING COMPLAINTS: Pt was asymptomatic till 2008. In 2008 he saw a small whitish spot  on the dorsum of left hand. Pt went to an allopathic physician and the doctor said that  ‘it’ has got no cure in allopathy and asked the pt to go to homeopathic physician. Pt immediately took appointment at Corporate  homeopathy clinic and started treatment, he took medicine on and off for 12 months in 2 years span. The patch for which he started treatment got reduced and nearby it a new patch started. The complaint got increased but did not subside. He  stopped taking medicine as he had to move to different place. But there was no improvement in his condition. All his friends and Allopathic friends said there is no cure for it. For that reason he stopped the medicine. When he moved back to Banglore he again renewed his treatment plan with Corporate Homeopathic clinic and took treatment for 1 full year in 2014, it got almost cured with that treatment leaving a small patch.  The doctor there advised him to continue the treatment but he did not continue as he thought it will subside. Again in 2015 December the small patch which was there, again started increasing.

Though it was increasing he did not seek any medicine as he thought it was not going to help him. Upon advice of his paternal uncle he went to Unani hospital in 2017. But there also he did not get good improvement. In 2018 April upon advise of his elder brother he came to me and started treatment. And since May 2018 he is under my treatment for his complaint. Pt said there was no reason as to how it started, personally or professionally he had no stress. He doesn’t attribute any specific reason for his complaint to exacerbate.


PAST HISTORY: Tonsillectomy and Rhinopasty.

TREATMENT HISTORY: Used allopathic and unani and homeoapthy medications.

FAMILY HISTORY:  On paternal side history of  vitiligo and cancer,OA.


Appetite: good takes 3 times per day Thirst:  thirsty 3-4 lit perday. Desires:warm food+,fish ++ chicken + Aversions: mutton Intolerance: n.s Bowels: Regular,soft stools Urine: Clear Day/Night-3-4/0 times Sweat: moderate.Sleep: Refreshing Dreams:  doesn’t remember .Habits:tea 2 times in a day.Addictions:NilAllergies:Nil

THERMAL REACTION: Cannot tolerate heat.

LIFE SPACE INVESTIGATIONS: Patient hails from upper middle Socio economic strata. Father was in active politics all his life, was basically n a farmer.  Mother was house wife.  He had two elder brothers and he was the youngest in the family.. Had no sibling rivalry. When he was 9 years old along with his elder brothers, was send to their maternal grand parents house for studies as his father was busy and there were no good schools at his village. He was there with his grand parents till he was 16 years old and never missed his parents as his parents used to visit them frequently. Over this his maternal uncles and aunts took care of them very well.  If he is given a chance to relive his life wants to go back to his school as he enjoyed it a lot. He studied in Govt school till 10. Was top in studies and events at his school, and was a pet to his teachers. He was sent to a hostel in his intermediate [residential] and he was ragged by seniors and so he abstained from going to hostel.  His parents changed his college and he completed his intermediate. he got selected in navy and  air force in non technical job with his intermediate qualification. Pt did not join them as he was advised by friends that those were menial jobs.  Pt wanted to get into Defence services. Wrote NDA but could not clear it. He wanted to join BCA but did not get seat in that so joined BSc computers. After that he did MCA and he cleared group 2 services but lost in interview. He took some software courses and got a job in software company in 2007.  Went to Australia, for sometime on onsite project. Wanted to settle in Australia but some how did not succeed.  In spite of all these upheavals in life he was not at all effected by them. He is now working for Infosys and is happy and contented with his job.

He got married in 2011 and his wife did MSC chemistry and did her B.Ed.   His wife’s mother died when she was 10 years old.  Her father married again.   since 2 years  she is under depression due to property disputes with her father. He is under stress due to this development. she weeps  and becomes moody.

He has no financial problems. He gets angered easily+++. Wants to follow rules and wants others to follow rules. Gets irritated if people do not follow rules. Where ever he finds anything wrong he tweets to the concerned authorities. And doesn’t leave till it gets resolved. Wants to fight for a cause. questions everything which is not in order. Had an argument at our corporate clinic, when front desk  didn’t respond properly and threatened to complain to the MD of the company.  At the spur of moment he is very aggressive but  not revengeful. Doesn’t carry it forward. Doesn’t like being alone. Wants friends+, .doesn’t share his feelings. Doesn’t want sympathy of  others++.doesn’t want people to dominate him and his present team leader tried dominating him  and he did not like it and opted out of this project. Many times in his life he beat people  when playing cricket and in college too and at ration shop too if people are not going by the rules.  Beat a driver who tried to dangerously over take him. Loses his senses when he is angered++.  But feels since 3 years he is under control. After the birth of his kids   he is able to control  his anger.  Feels that he is always right. If people contradict him he doesn’t care. He wants to walk the talk. Fears-height.  Sympathetic+ and wants to help people and helps people …donates money. Whatever best he can do, he does, to help others. Helped needy by fund raising  on watsapp for surgeries. Is very active with political thoughts. He was an ABVP and RSS member when he was young. cannot tolerate+ if he finds people without bangles, Bindis and Indian traditions and culture and  is fanatic++ staunch Hindu. Very active in twitter.feels that he is rationale in his stance. Doesn’t want to bull doze people. His wife feels that he is dominating.  Friends also feel that he is dominating. wants to work hard. He is a Sr consultant at Infosys. Now is on single man project. Was a team member and was a team leader depending on his project. Never was under depression all his life.





GENERAL PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: well  built muscular  wheatish complexion.

Vital data: Blood pressure: 130/80mm of hg Temperature: A febrile. Pulse: 72/min, Heart rate:72beats/min.  Respiratory rate:18/min.




  Color: wheatish complexsion

Moisture: present

Temperature: afebrile

Texture: soft

Mobility: mobile        


  Anatomical distribution: Dorsum of left hand

Localized/ diffused: Localised

Exposed area/folded area: exposed

Dermatomal involvement: nil

Symmetry: not

Genitalia involved: no

Clustered / single: single

Shape: irregular.

Size: 7/6cms

            Type: macular,

            Color: depigmented

            Discharge: none

            Margins: irregular.

           Secondary changes: none



DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS: nevus, Leukoderma, Post Inflammatory Depigmentation, Pitiriasis Versicolor

INVESTIGATIONS: Thyroid profile, Plbs and Fbs.



Mental generals:





Physical generals:

Desires fish

Cannot tolerate heat

Dreams uremembered


White colour on dorsum of left hand

CLASSIFICATION OF DISEASE: Dynamic true chronic one sided disease.


  • Irritable
  • Dogmatic
  • Fanatic
  • Sympathetic
  • Desires fish
  • Cannot tolerate heat
  • Dreams uremembered
  • White colour on dorsum of left hand


  • Irritable
  • Dogmatic
  • Fanatic
  • Sympathetic
  • Desires fish
  • Cannot tolerate heat
  • Dreams uremembered
  • white colour on dorsum of left hand


  1. MIND-irritable
  2. MIND domineering
  3. MIND fanaticism
  4. MIND sympathetic
  5. STOMACH desires fish
  6. SLEEP dreams unremembered
  7. GENERALITIES warm agg
  8. SKIN discoloration white


Nat m-11/5, lyco-10/5, caust-10/5,suph -8/4, aur-7/4, iod-7/4, merc-7/4,

ANALYSIS OF REPERTORIAL RESULT:  natmur lyco and caust  are closely running remedies.



SELECTION OF REMEDY WITH POTENCY: Caust 200 potency -1dose on 21/5/18


Advised avoid getting injured.

Avoid getting exposed to sun between 9am to 5 pm


21/5/18Depigmented  patch on dorsum of left hand. Adv thyroid profile,fbs and plbsCaust 200 -1 dose Sl-1month
22/7/18No depigmentation and no repigmentationrubrum -1 dose Sl-1 month
22/9/18No new patches,no repigmentation. Thyroid profile,fbs and plbs are normalCarcinosin 200 -1 dose Sl- 1month
22/11/18No new patches, no repigmentationcaust 200 -1 dose Sl- 1 month
22/1/19No new patches, repigmentatin +rubrum -1 dose Sl-1 month
11/3/19No new patches, repigmentatin progressing.Rubrum -1 dose Sl- 1month
15/7/19No new patches, repigmentatin progressing.Rubrum -1 dose Sl- 1month

Inference: There was good improvement in the condition.

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