LACHESIS: climacteric troubles, palpitation, flushes of heat, less the flow more the pain.Desires open air, loquacious, insane jealousy, suspicious.

SEPIA: metrorrhagia at the time of climaxis. Sudden flushes of heat,with weakness and sweat during climaxis.
She has dull,slow stupid appearance and yet can become gay after dancing which she likes, the lack interest in doing things,indifference particularly to loved ones(family).

LILIUM TIG: very important medicine in Menopause,it is a hot sepia, hot, hurried and worried.sensation as if heart is grasped with palpitation, Usually fat and fair. Bad tempered, depressed, full of fears, of going insane, desires heat, hungry even after a good meal. Cannot stand must sit.

The above information about homeopathic medicines for Menopause is only for information purpose. Please consult homeopathic doctor in Hyderabad  before taking any homeopathic remedies for Menopause.

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