CYPREPEDIUM: sleeplessness, with desire to talk, or with crowding of pleasant ideas.

Children wake and are unnaturally bright and playful, with no desire to go to sleep again.

COCCULUS: from vexation, grief, anxiety and prolonged loss of sleep.

Worn out and exhausted and when the time has come for sleep cannot sleep.

Ill effects from long nursing and from night watching, slightest loss of sleep tells on him.

Extreme irritability of the nervous system.

CACTUS: sleeplessness from suffocative constriction and palpitation.

IGNATIA: sleepless from grief,care and sadness.

BAPTISIA: restless from 3 am, tosses about. Head and body feel scattered about the bed.

ALLIUM SATI: sleep prevented by thirst.

SELENIUM: sleeps in cat naps, wakes often roused by slight disturbance. Hungry in the night.

LUETICUM: sleepless nights, dreadful nights. All the sufferings are worst at night.

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