COLOCYNTH: helps in the worst cases. There are pains in the sciatic nerve extending to the knee or to the heel, worse from any motion especially aggravated by cold.
The pain is paroxysmal, followed by numbness and partial paralysis.

GNAPHALIUM: almost specific to sciatica. It has intense neuralgic pains along the nerve and numbness. The whole trunk and the main branches seem affected, worse when lying
down, worse from motion, and stepping, and better while sitting in a chair.

TEREBINTH: has exquisite sensitiveness of the lower extremities with painfulness along the tract of the nerve. Drawing, tearing, and paralytic pains.

ARSENICUM: with this remedy, the pain is marked by complete intermissions; it exacerbates every night at a particular hour and becomes unbearable; it is increased by
vigorous and relieved by gentle motion. It is aggravated by cold but relieved momentarily by warmth.

RHUSTOX: sciatica with muscular and ligamentous involvement. it s rarely helpful in recent cases. Pains are aggravated due to rest and amelioration by motion.

Best in cases of sciatica with backache. Sciatica from lifting and over-exertion. Warm gives amelioration.

If you can’t find the right fit with the ones listed above, contact a qualified homeopathy doctor in Hyderabad to find the one that’s best for you.

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