APIS: burning and stinging pain, much swelling. Vesicles large, sometimes confluent. Come out in cold weather. Ulcerate with great burning and stinging pain. Worse warmth and better cold applications.

ARSENIC ALBUM: confluent herpetic eruptions with intense burning of the blisters. Sleepless after midnight. Nausea and prostration:weakness.

Worse rom cold of any kind, better from warmth.

Herpes having a red unwholesome appearance.

MEZEREUM: with severe neuralgic pains. Itching, after scratching, turns to burning. Worse from touch: in bed.vesicles form a brownish scab.

RANUNCULUS BULBOSUS: one has over and over again seen shingles clear up rapidly with this med. Vesicles filled with thin, acrid fluid. Burning-itching vesicles in clusters. Worse from touch,motion,after eating. Severe neuralgic pains, especially intercostal.

RHUS TOX: probably no remedy more often useful in herpes zoster. Esp when it occurs after a wetting.

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