STRYCHNINE: obstinate constipation with griping pains.

BRYONIA: chronic constipation with severe desire, or urging with several attempts before results. Stool unsatisfactory, after much straining with rush of blood to head.

Obstruction due to induration of feaces.

Irritable person.

NAT MUR: constipation, obstinate retention of stool. Irregular, hard dry, on alternate days.

Knows not whether flatus or stool escapes.

Aversion to fats and to bread. Hates fuss and is weepy.

LAC DEFLOR: large painful stools. Invincible constipation withchronic headache. Constipation with coldness, cannot get warm. It is super sensitive to cold, least draught.

OPIUM: almost unconquerable chronic constipation. Constipation from inaction or paresis for 6-8 weeks with loss of appetite. Peristaltic action entirely suspended. Even reversed peristalsis with faecal vomitings.

Faeces protrude and recede.

MEZEREUM: stools hard as stone, threatens to split anus hard balls. Much painless straining.

During stools prolapses ani with constrictions. Before stool copious discharge of fetid flatus.

The above information about homeopathy treatment of Constipation is only for information purpose. Please consult an experienced homeopathic doctor before taking any homeopathic medicine for Constipation.

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