APIS MEL: if there is also pink watery swelling of the eye lids. Puffy lids, conjunctiva red, oedematous like water bags, hot lachrymation. Photophobia yet covering intolerable.

ARGENTUM NITRICUM: acute granular conjunctivitis, this is the first remedy to be used if there in purulent cases, eye balls feel big.

ARSENIC ALBUM: burning in the eye with acrid lachrymation, oedema around eye with intense photophobia.

EUPHRASIA: watery eyes, as if swimming in tears, as of a hair before them and wants to wipe them off. profuse hot or acrid tears amelioration in open air, thick acrid yellow discharge from eyes.

PULSATILLA: discharges are profuse and bland, white to yellow pus, better in open air,worse in warm room. Conjunctivitis from colds.

The above information about homeopathy treatment of Conjunctivitis is only for information purpose. Please consult famous homeopathic doctor in Hyderabad before taking any homeopathic medicine for Conjunctivitis.

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