HEPAR SULPH: inflamed very sensitive, septic lesions, better from local heat, worse from pressure. The patient is over sensitive mentally and physically, irritable and even violent.

SILICEA:  a more chronic septic lesion. The remedy helps abscess to discharge and promote suppuration. Discharge of splinters and foreign bodies.  The patient is chilly and sweaty.

SULPHUR: recurring spots and septic leisons. Often associated with skin conditions, with heat and itching, aggravated by heat, in hot and hungry patients, who like untidiness.

TARENTUALA CUBENSIS: carbuncles, abscesses with several heads, burning and bluish in appearance.

CALCAREA SULPH: the patient is usually cold, irritable, and anxious about the future or his health. Headaches and bone pains are better from heat. Pimples and abscess are burning and itching.

MERC SOL: these patients are sensitive to heat and cold. Tendency to form pus, which is greenish, putrid, streaked with thin blood. Itching worse from warmth of the blood. Ulcers in mouth and throat.

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