Conium:  A very great remedy of vertigo-of it kind, vertigo, turning or moving head, turning eyes. Sensation of turning in a circle.

Lying, as if bed turned in a circle. Vertigo on turning eyes when lying.

Vertigo turning in bed: looking around, when rising from a seat.

When watching moving objects. Cannot endure slightest alcoholic drink. Curious symptom: sweats,day and night, on closing eyes.

Sanguinaria: Dizzy: cannot turn quickly without fear of falling. Vertigo with long continued nausea and headache: then spasmodic vomiting.

With sensation of some hard heavy substance in stomach.

Rush of blood to head with dizziness; feels sick and faint: wud fall if she rose from sitting.

ACONITE: Vertigo on rising up from lying; red face becomes deathly pale; or becomes dizzy, falls: fears to rise again; with nausea.

Vanishing of sight or unconsciousness.

Vertigo from fall or concussion: after a fright: anxious as if dying:must lie down.

Vertigo from congestion, as in the sun[bell]

On stooping: staggers to right.

Ailments with anxiety and restlessness.

Aconite is a great storm and soon over.

Vertigo that comes from sudden fear.

BRYONIA: Vertigo. Rising from a seat or from lying . dizzy and faint on raising head. Worse from least motion.  Vertigo and confusion on least motion.

Typically tongue dry: constipation with hard dry stools.

Curious symptom: sinking with or through bed.

Tendency to run backwards.

Always thinks about business.

NUX VOMICA: Vertigo with vanishing of sight and hearing.

Vertigo: rising from seat or bed or raising head.

Reeling in a.m.; after dinner;red , hot face, vision obscured: staggering.

From digestive disturbances; constipation; sedentary habits; alcohol; smoking,smell of flowers,gas;from mental over exertion.

Nux typically is irritable: oversensitive: drowsy p.c chilly if uncovers or moves,better for sleep.

The above information about homeopathic medicines for Vertigo is only for information purpose. Please consult best homeopathic doctor in Hyderabad  before taking any homeopathic medicine for Vertigo.

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