HEPAR SULPH: from cold dry weather, cold in nose with much discharge. Sneezing every time he goes our into cold wind. hypersensitive to touch,pain,draughts,cold, air. Wants to hit anybody who makes a draught in room. Better in moist wet weather.

PULSATILLA: loss of smell, thick yellow discharges, and amelioration in the open air(nervous, timid and yielding people) discharges not excoriating, fluent in open air and stopping up in house. Lips chapped and peel, a weepy patient craves sympathy, craves air, cool air, better motion.

CALCAREA CARB: lingering catarrah, thick yellow discharge. Great crusts from nose, breathes part of the night through nose, then it clogs up. And has to breathe through mouth. Chilly, sweats much. So sensitive to cold ,he finds it difficult to dress to protect himself.

KALI BICH: catarrh with thick yellow or greenish ropy stringy mucous discharges, or tough and jelly like. Discharge offensive, adherent mucus. Which can be drawn out in long strings. Plugs in nostrils. Dryness nose with pressive pain at root of nose.

TUBERCULINUM: Persons with family history of TB. Always catching cold. Always tired. Worse in warm room. Hyperactive kid.

The above information about homeopathy treatment of Sinusitis is only for information purpose. Please consult top homeopathic doctor before taking any homeopathic medicine for Sinusitis.

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