BELLADONNA: convulsions in infants etc, associated with violent cerebral congestion.
Skin burning, hot red face.
Violent convulsions with distortin of limbs and eyes, may begin in arm: then body thrown backwards and forwards.
Convulsions re excited by least touch.
Bell has great excitement: has twitching,jerking,trembling,spasms,convulsions.

STRAMONIUM: violent convulsions involving every muscle. Opisthotonos, violent distortions.
Contractions of limbs,biting of tongue.
Convulsions from bright red, dazzling objects. Renewal of spasms from light, if liquids touch the lips spasms recur again.
Very sensitive to light, fears the dark, yet convulsions, even cough worse from light.

HYOSCYAMUS: infants go into convulsions.
Convulsions of children, esp after a fright.
Convulsions from worms. Motions angular,frothing at mouth. Patient seems wild.
Convulsions during sleep heavy sleep.
This remedy is suspicious and jealous.

IGNATIA: convulsions from fright,fear and after punishment.
Face pale, deathly pale.
Convulsive twitching, twitches fixed staring look. Convulsions in first period of dentition.

CINA: child cannot stand any disturbance, cannot be punished, because it goes into convulsions.
Grits teeth and clenches thumbs.
Chewing motion even before teeth erupted.
Sleeps on abdomen.

CHAMOMILLA: snappish, complaints from contradicitions.
Convulsions from anger.
Petulant and angry children.
One cheek red,one pale.
Hot sweat face and head.

CUPRUM: convulsions of every degree of violence.
Thumbs are drawn into palms.
Rigidity of muscles of the jaw.
Spasms followed by appearance as if patient is dead.
Between attacks,spiteful,violent, weeping,crying out and shriek.
Face and lips blue.

The above information about homeopathic medicines for Convulsions is only for information purpose. Please consult best homeopathic doctor in Hyderabad  before taking any homeopathic medicine for Convulsions.

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