AGARICUS: clumsy drops things,tumbles over things, on reaching for an object it is generally missed.  Frequent jumping of muscles in different parts of the body.  Involuntary movements when awake and cease when sleep. This pt is very chilly and worse from cold.

IGNATIA: emotional chorea, after grief-fright-excitement or threats of punishment, sighing and sobbing. Gait affected: stumbles and falls over small objects. Constant involuntary twitching and throwing about of arms. Mentally unstable. Bright child becomes imbecile.

TARENTULA CUBENSIS: is a specific for chorea, whether in children or in adult, in acute as well as in chronic.

HYOSCYAMUS: is full of convulsions and contractions and trembling and quivering and jerking of the muscles. Convulsive jerks of the limbs, so that all sorts of angular motions are made.  Suspicious,loquacious,will not remain covered,dull metally if not excited.

MYGALE:  twitchings and contractions of facial muscles esp :eyes and mouth open and close rapidly. Head jerked to esp right side.

Words jerked out in talking. Uncontrollable movements of hands and legs. Limbs quite in sleep. One of the best medicine in uncomplicated chorea.

CUPRUM: periodic chorea, irregular movements,start in fingers and toes and spread over the body, twitchings often one sided. Terrible contortions, speech difficult, or imperfect, cramps. Better lying down.

The above information about homeopathy treatment of chorea is only for information purpose. Please consult a professional homeopathy doctor before taking any homeopathic medicine for chorea.

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