Top remedy for migraine, throbbing is the greatest keynote, violent shooting pains which drive patient crazy. The patient cannot lie down, must sit up, nor can bear light, a draft of air, noise or jarring. Belladonna people have plethoric constitution, they are lively when well but violent when sick.


We have the headache from excessive use of alcohol, the morning ‘big head’ tobacco, coffee, headache from digestive troubles, constipation. The pain is usually over the eye, usually the left or at the back of the head. Nux people are usually very irritable, workaholic and are stimulated by stimulants.


The headache begins in the morning mostly in the occiput, it comes over the head and settles in the right eye. The pain increases in severity until there is vomiting of food and bile than oftentimes the ache is relieved. Noise and light are not bearable and sleep relieves the pain. It suits women who menstruate freely.


This remedy has headache commencing with blindness, and it has headaches due to eye strain. There is a feeling as if a band were about the head, the patient is dull and apathetic and there is great soreness in the eyes when moving them. Copious urination relieves the headache and the headaches are associated with double vision, visual troubles, squinting and dim sight.


Left sided headache. The headache follows the course of the sun. Headache beings in the morning, peaks at noon and subsides in the evening. Noise and jarring of the bed aggravates the headache. Stooping and change of weather also makes the pain worse.

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