AMMONIUM CARB: pale worse in cold wet weather, better in dry weather.
Want of energy power strength and tone.
Played out –mind and body [after serious illness or flu]
Uneasiness anxiety and weakness.
Breathlessness worse in warm room at 3 am
Heart dilated –breathless and palpitation on exertion, worse in a hot room.

ANTIMONIUM TART: best remedy to think of in acute heart failure. Rattling respiration and inability to expectorate. Worse from heat.
Patient is pale, or cyanosed, cold, drowsy and has intense nausea with prostration.

APIS: of value in oedema and heart failure.
Effects skin and mucous membranes.
Worse from heat.
Better from cold air and applications.
Sudden onset and puffy eye lids.
Mind is sad, tearful, depressed, constant weeping, no sleep from worrying. Irritable, suspicious, jealous. Joyless and indifference. Fear of death, restless and anxious.

CARBO VEG: the homeopathic ‘corpse reviver’ a remedy widely used in situations of collapse, faint vasovagal attacks, coronary attacks and cardiac failure.
The patient is collapsed,cold sweaty and pale, with thin, thready pulse but gasping and wanting the window opened.
Nose and lower legs particularly cold.

The above information about homeopathic medicines for Heart Failure is only for information purpose. Please consult Top homeopathic doctor in Hyderabad  before taking any homeopathic remedies for Heart Failure.

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