Inflammation of the sinus is called sinusitis. Sinuses role is to filter out pollutants,dust, micro organisms and other antigens. Sinuses drain into the intra nasal meatus through channels called ostia. The maxillary, frontal and ant ethmoidal sinus open into middle meatus. Posterior ethmoidal and sphenoid sinus open into superior meatus. Tiny hairs called ‘cilia’ line the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity. These tiny hair function in a co ordinated fashion of circulating mucous and filtered debris, ultimately leading into nasopharynx and oropharynx, where they are swallowed. When this function is not properly performed it leads to inflammatory state. This state happens due to three conditions like obstruction of sinus ostia[ anatomical causes like tumor or septal deviation], dysfunction of cilia[ kartagener syndrome] and thickening of sinus secretions[cystic fibrosis]. The common cause of temporary obstruction can be due to upper respiratory tract infections or nasal allergy, this can lead to rhinosinusitis. When this happens bacteria can gain access and multiply in these sterile sinuses.
Major symptoms can be: pus filled nasal discharge, nasal block, fullness of the face, facial pain on pressure, loss of smell and sometimes fever.
Minor symptoms can be: headache, pain in the ear, dental pain, cough and fever.
Sinusitis is classified into acute[less than 4 weeks duration], sub acute[between 4 to 12 weeks duration], chronic[more than 12 weeks] and recurrent[4 episodes lasting less than 4 four weeks with complete symptom resolution in between]

In conventional treatment, long term usage of antibiotics and antihistamines becomes mandatory, which doesn’t really solve the problem. Individuals with gross DNS have only surgery as a main treatment option.
In our treatment, with safe and effective treatment we make an individual strong so that he gets cured of sinusitis.
For all types of sinusitis surgery is not the only option.

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