is the only hepadna virus which causing infection in humans. It cannot yet be grown but can be transmitted to certain primates like chimpanzees, in which it replicates.
It contains a capsule and a core, containing DNA and DNA polymerase enzyme. The virus and excess of its capsular material circulate in the blood, where it can be identified. Humans are the only source of infection.
Individuals incubating or suffering from acute hepatitis are highly infectious for at least as long as the HbsAg is in the blood. Asymptomatic patients and some patients with chronic liver disease have chronic infections and may carry the virus for life. These individuals are most infectious when markers of continuing viral replication such as HBeAg, viral DNA or DNA polymerase are present in blood, and are least infectious when they are absent and anti HBe is present.
Blood is the main source of infection and spread may follow transfusion of infected blood or blood products or injections with contaminated needles, this is more rampant in parenteral drug abusers who share needles.
Blood and blood products used for transfusion are no longer a major source of infection, provided the donor blood is tested for the virus and less than 10% of post transfusion hepatitis are attributable to HBV. Only products like albumin solutions and gammaglobulin which are pasteurized are wholly free of the risk. Tattooing and acupuncture can also spread this disease if adequate sterilization is not done.HBV can cause sporadic infections which cannot be attributed to parenteral modes of spread. The means of non-parenteral transmission are uncertain, but the discovery of the HBsAg or viral DNA in body fluids such as saliva,urine, semen and vaginal secretions suggests many mechanisms. Close personal contact seems necessary for transmission of infection, and sexual intercourse, especially in male homosexuals, is an important route. The virus may spread from mother to child; at or soon after birth seems more likely than transplacental spread.
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