is defined as continuing inflammatory disease of the pancreas characterized by irreversible morphological change and typically causing pain or permanent impairment of function.
It can be caused by persistent high alcohol consumption, small number result from cholelithiasis. Chronic pancreatitis may occasionally be caused by stenosis or disease of the sphincter of Oddi and rarely the condition may be familial.
The disease is most common in males between the ages of 35 and 45 years. Nearly all patients present with abdominal pain. Recurrent attacks occur at intervals of several weeks or months often within a few hrs to two days after taking alcohol. In contrast to acute pancreatitis the pain may being gradually and persist for days or weeks. Pain is located in the upper abdomenand around the navel, radiating to the back. Relief may be obtained by crouching forward or leaning forward over a chair. Weight loss is common due to malnutrition secondary to pancreatic pain, steatorrhoea and diabetes mellitus. Diarrhoea is common.
Acute and chronic pancreatitis can be effectively and safely managed with our medication. The incidence of pain reduces markedly.


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