cough is the most common cause of concern for anyone. Acute bronchitis is a clinical diagnosis which is characterized by cough due to inflammation of trachea and large airways without the evidence of pneumonia. Acute bronchitis is mostly caused by viral infections rather than bacterial infections.  Only 1 to 10% are bacterial infections. And antibiotic therapy which is given in conventional treatment is not at all needed.

The primary diagnostic criteria in a patient having acute bronchitis is to rule out causes of cough like asthma, exacerbations of COPD, heart failure or pneumonia.

Besides cough, acute bronchitis patients present with sputum production,dyspnea,nasal congestion, headache and fever.

Cough can be really very bothersome for people who suffer.

Allergic Bronchitis: it involves inflammation of bronchi due to allergens or something to which you are allergic to.
Allergens are mainly pollen, dust, mold, smoke. Allergic bronchitis last long or they recur, if they prolong for more than three weeks it is called chronic bronchitis.
It can include symptoms like cough, wheezing, chest tightness and tiredness.
Non allergic bronchitis can be caused by viral or bacterial infections. They can have symptoms like cough, chills and fever.

Bronchial asthma

The symptoms of bronchial asthma are caused by an inflammatory reaction within the bronchial wall involving many cells, mediators and cytokines. Eosinophils, mast cells, lymphocytes and other cells are involved in this inflammatory process resulting in narrowing of the bronchi. This may result in coughing, wheezing, chest tightness and shortness of breath. Usually these symptoms are worse at night. The narrowing of airways is always reversible but in chronic  asthma it becomes irreversible.

Early onset asthma:It is common for asthma to have its onset in childhood, and generally it occurs in atopic individuals who form IgE antibodies to allergens. These people will have other conditions like allergic rhinitis and eczema.

Late onset asthma: this asthma can begin at any age in non atopic individuals.  There is no evidence that external allergens play a part in the productions of the disease.

Allergic asthma can be triggered by cold air, tobacco, smoke, dust,acrid fumes , respiratory viral infections and emotional stress.

In children and young adults asthma can be invariably follow strenuous exertion or exposure to cold air.

They can also be caused by some allopathic drugs like beta antagonists, aspirin and non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

It can also by triggered by dust, organic materials, fumes and chemical substances in the working environment(occupational asthma)

Asthma can be episodic, severe acute asthma and chronic asthma.

The clinical features includes high pitched expiratory and inspiratory rhonchi, in very severe cases the airflow is so insufficient to produce rhonchi that it results in silent chest.

allergic bronchitis and asthma so severely effect an individual tha this quality of life gets hampered in a great way. With out treatments the quality of life is increased and eventually complete cure of the condition happens. Our medication makes a person strong in a natural way that he doesn’t become allergic to allergens.


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