Osteo arthritis: this is a degenerative joint disease, is otherwise known as hypertrophic arthritis or senescent arthritis. This is a chronic disorder characterized pathologically by degeneration of articular cartilages and hypertrophy of bone, clinically by pain which appears with activity and subsides with rest. It can be triggered with obesity or injury. It occurs more commonly in old people, usually affecting weight bearing joints and distal interphalangeal joints of the fingers. It may develop spontaneously with advancing age [ primary osteoarthritis] or at an earlier age as a sequel to injury of various kinds. There are no other manifestations in the body.
This condition is divided equally among sexes. It s commonly held that the changes which happen in the joint are due to ‘’wear and tear’’.
Heberden’s nodes are common presentation in distal interphalangeal joints.
Analgesics which form the major part of treatment from the conventional therapy are laced with side effects. Our treatment for OA is very safe and effective and increases the quality of life of the sufferers.


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