This is a disorder in which there are episodes of nasal congestion,watery nasal discharge and sneezing, it may be seasonal or perennial.
Allergic rhinitis is due to an immediate hypersensitivity reaction in the nasal mucosa.
Seasonal rhinitis can be due to pollen[antigen] from grass, weeds or trees.
Perennial rhinitis can be from house dust, fungal spore and animal dander but similar symptoms can be triggered by physical and chemical causes like pungent odours, fumes including strong perfumes, cold air and dry atmospheres.
For children and teens in whom the the immunity is usually low can have frequent attacks of sneezings, profuse watery discharges and nasal obstructions.
These symptoms can effect their studies and can end up in sinusitis.
Conventional treatment includes antihistamines which make the person drowsy.
With our treatment which is safe and effective can give one, life long results.

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