Acne vulgaris– Acne vulgaris is also called acne(PIMPLE) is a skin disease  characterized by  white heads, black heads,  nodules, pimples and scars.

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  • Acne are due to changes in the pilosebaceous units due to androgen stimulation.
  • Acne is more common in teenagers, it effects 80 to 90% of them in the western world.
  • It is mainly caused by increase in the androgen, like testosterone, activity in males and females during puberty.
  • Large nodules called as cysts and severe inflammatory cysts called nodulocystic. Cystic acne are caused more on buttocks, groin and armpit areas, they effect deeper skin tissue than acne.
  • Acne causes psychological problems like reduced self esteem and in rare cases Depression and Suicide.
  • It effects 9.4% of the population and 90% are adolescents. Above 20% of the cases have moderate to severe presentation. Acne rates are low in rural areas and in non-westernized countries of New Guinea. It effects all ethnic groups and more in females than in males.
  • Environmental factors like high humidity.
  • Some drugs like steroids and rifampin.
  • Hormonal surges during menstrual cycles and puberty.
  • Acne in adult females can be due to  PCOD, pregnancy and cushing’s syndrome.
  • Infections like Propionibacterium and staphylococcus aureus causes acne.
  • Diet like milk, chocolate.
Various treatments available in the market:
  • Antibiotics.
  • Anti seborrheic medicaitons.
  • Sufur and sodiumsulfacetamide.
  • Anti androgen medication.
  • Retinoids.
  • Lazer etc.

1.These treatments do not treat the root cause of the complaint. The moment one stops the medication there are more chances that one might end up with the complaint again.

2. But with our Best Acne Treatment it is not like that. Our treatment treats the root cause that is desensitizing the end organs which are pilosebaceous glands to the androgens in the body.

3. We provide Best Acne Treatment which might range from 6 months to 2-3 years depending on the severity of the complaint. Positive results can be found in 3 months itself.

4. Our Best Acne Treatment addresses acne problem in a safe and effective way. It reduces the intensity of the acne and minimizes the scaring and removes the Acne Marks completely.

5. There are no special pre and post treatment dos and donts but people suffering with this condition should avoid those things which increase their Acne.

6. Frequent washing of face is advisable.

7. One should not handle the acne by pinching them which results in permanent damage to the skin.

8. Kindly take an appointment with our EXPERT for Best Acne Treatment.

9. Our treatment charges are nothing in comparison to the benefits which we give to our patients.  We provide  Pain Free Zero Side Effect Treatment with lasting results.



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