Teenagers are the major suffers of this condition. The prevalence is similar in both sexes. The peak age of severity in females is 16-17 years and in males 17 -19 years. Usually it clears by age of 23 – 25 in 90% of subjects. But 5% of women and 1% of males are the suffers even into their thirties and late forties.

Multiple factors combine to cause chronic inflammation of pilosebaceous follicles. Sebum secretion increases due to unknown reasons, sebum is stimulated by androgens from testes, ovaries and adrenals. In acne the end organs I.e. sebaceous glands are unduly sensitive to normal level of androgens. Abnormal keratinization at the exit of the pilosebaceous follicle obstructs flow of sebum. Bacteria creeps in and forms colonies.

Acne is often familial.
The lesions are limited to face, shoulder, upper chest and back.

The common variants of acne are:

  1. Conglobate acne.
  2. Acne fulminans.
  3. Excoriated acne.
  4. Infantile acne.
  5. Exogenous acne.
  6. Drug induced acne.
  7. Acne associated with virilization.
  8. Non classical late onset acne.

Acne can push people suffering with into depression. Teens are very conscious about their skin and how they look. Acne makes them more conscious and removes the sheen out of their faces. Acne leaves pigmentation marks which are very stubborn in waning and it leaves scars on an otherwise smooth face, which can be devastating to the young mind.

Conventional treatment includes long term usage of antibiotics.
With our medication people suffering from acne will find that their complaint will be totally checked and acne marks vanishing .

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