Cancer’ the word itself can run down a chill in your spine. Fate can play a cruel role by playing this card, the doctor and the patients are left lurching in a helpless situation.

Cancer is not only a major health issue, but also the management and care of a patient is very complex.

Cancer is not one disease but there are more than 100 clinically different forms of it.

Cancer is a term used to describe abnormal growth of cells which can invade normal tissue or spread to other organs(metastasis).

The lethality of a Cancer increases with the vigour with which it invades and spreads.
A metastasis is a cancer lesion which spreads from another cancer lesion, which is not contiguous.
This spread happens through blood and lymphatic system.


The cause of cancer in humans is not yet explained but the genetic constitution plays an important role.
Early detection of cancer can result in cure and longer survival of the patient.
Seven warning signals of early cancer:
• Change in bowel or bladder habits.
• A sore that doesn’t heal.
• Unusual bleeding or discharge.
• Indigestion or difficulty in swallowing.
• Obvious change in wart or mole.
• Nagging cough or hoarseness.

The histological proof of the cancer should be obtained before staging and treatment are under taken.

Staging: helps in knowing how serious one’s cancer is.

It helps us in planning best type of treatment for a case.
Stage 0: abnormal cells are present but didn’t spread to nearby tissue.
Stage 1: it is limited to a place where it started and did not spread.
Stage 2: spread to nearby lymph nodes.
Stage 3: spread to nearby organs.
Stage 4: spread to distant organs.

Any treatment which is sought should have visible impact on the physical size and the kinetics of the cancer lesion.
The best conventional treatments which are available are Surgical, Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.

In spite of advancements in the treatment of cancer, cancer is still a big challenge.

In many cases our Cancer Care can be used as an adjuvant with the conventional treatment.

In advanced cases of cancer where in these conventional treatments are seemingly futile. Our Cancer Care can be taken to increase the quality of life and prolong the life of the patient.

In old people when they don’t have the strength to sustain the impact of the conventional treatment, can take our Cancer Care.

Our Homeopathy Cancer Care has no side effects.

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