Lack of proper erection can be termed as ED. The cause may be endocrinal(hormonal), arterial, drugs, alcohol, smoking, venous, or neurogenic.

We can easily find out whether an ED is organic or psychogenic.

In organic ED, the erection during sleep is feeble, penetrative intercourse will fail, there will be no early morning erection, masturbation is not possible and the onset is gradual.

In psychogenic ED, erection during sleep is present, penetrative intercourse is satisfying, there will be early morning erection, masturbation will be possible, and the onset is sudden.

History: questions about libido.

Usage of certain drugs like antihypertensives, antidepressants, and tranquilizers.
Trauma to penis?
Sexual function.

Sexual development: penis, testis volume, visual fields, gynecomastia, hair.
Nerve function assessment: perineal sensation and tone,
anal wink,
bulbocavernosus reflex.
Blood supply assessment.

Blood sugars.
Lipid profile.
Hormonal assay.

Stop smoking.
Avoid drugs: beta blockers, thiazide, reserpine, and antidepressant drugs.

There are wonderful remedies in homeopathy to treat ED, may it be organic or psychogenic.
In all these cases the underlying root cause should be dealt with first to get improvement.

We at have wonderful treatments for ED.
Top Homeopathic medicines for ED by Top Homeopathy Doctors:

Lycopodium: sexual exhaustion, Impotence, erections feeble, falls asleep during coition. Enlarged prostate, premature seminal emission.

Agnus castus: no erections, impotence, parts cold and relaxed, desire gone.

Selenium: loss of sexual power, increased desire, decreased ability. On attempting coition penis relaxes.

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