The global hair market is pegged around USD 18,758.5 million in 2020 and is expected to grow around compound annual growth rate of 6.6% from 2021 to 2028.

This shows the importance which we humans give to the hair which we have on our scalps.
I have always observed in my practice that people always take granted that which they have and abuse it. May it be their health or may it be their hair. For troubles, where their genes are the main culprit, no one can do much about it. But the troubles which we invite due our habits, no one is to blame but ourselves.

Hair forms an integral part of our beauty and personality. Hair also offers protection. For example it keeps the sun’s rays from reaching our scalp, eye lashes protect our eyes, hair in our nose wards away particles and germs, it also helps our body to maintain temperature.

There are different kinds of hair fall.


In this type of hair fall, males tend to lose hair on the scalp, not on the sides and the back of the head. This is due to the male hormone which they have in their body. A positive family history of baldness can be the primary reason.


in this type of hair fall, females tend to lose the hair on their scalp, they usually end with very thin hair on their scalp, a positive family history of baldness can the primary reason.


this is also called patchy loss of hair, where in the immunity of our body attacks our own hair cells and eventually hair falls. In these cases with proper treatment hair comes back.

There are two more kinds of Alopecia Areata such as Alopecia Totalis, where in the total hair on the scalp falls off and Alopecia Universalis, where in total hair on our body falls off even the eyebrows, eyelashes, axilla and pubic hair.


in this hair fall happens immediately after any acute illness.


the duration of hair fall in this condition is more than 6-9 months after an illness.


in this condition hair fall happens due to trauma which is result of constant pulling force applied on the hair.


this condition happens when the person pulls his hair without his knowledge.

Whatever may be the type of hair fall we have a solution at our
Conventional Hair treatments are riddled with side effects like loss of libido and hypertension.

We at our centre at The Art Of Homeopathy provide pain free, zero side effect treatments by experienced Homeopathy doctors in Hyderabad which have lasting results.

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