Doesn’t your child look at a toy which u point at?
Have you ever wondered that your child might be deaf?
Does your child play pretend or make -believe?
Does your child like climbing on things?
Does your child make unusual finger movements near his eyes or ears?
Does your child point with one finger to ask for something or to get help?
Doesn’t your child look you in the eyes when you talk with them?
Does your child display over reaction of one of his senses?
Does your child make careless mistakes?
Does your child face difficulty in sustaining attention to tasks or activities?
Does your child face difficulties in organizing tasks and activities?
Does your child cry If he faces different places, people or work?
Does your child avoid tasks which need sustained mental work?
Is your child very restless and leaves his/her seat, when remaining in seat is expected?
Talks too much?
Has difficulty waiting for his/her turn?
Loses temper?
Is spiteful and vindictive?
Feels worthless or inferior?
Is always sad, unhappy and depressed?
Argues with adults?
Deliberately annoys people?
Is touchy or easily annoyed by others?

If for the most of the above questions your answer is ‘yes’ then your child might be having ADHD or AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER.

These complaints can be effectively treated with proper Homeopathic Medication along with therapies like Behavioural, Cognitive etc.

Why Homeopathy in conditions like these? Allopathic medicine as usual is riddled with serious side effects and it’s safe to use homeopathy treatment for young children without side effects.

We at The Art Of Homeopathy provide treatments for ADHD and AUTISM by experienced homeopathy doctors. They are time tested zero side effect and fast track solutions.

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