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Our goal is to enable people to increase their quality of life.

The Art Of Homeopathy exists to be a leader in patient’s Homeopathic Health care, to serve patients in India and from all over the world.

We provide an opportunity to patients to heal themselves with zero side effect treatment.

We believe, as said by Hippocrates, and made a motto of two things i.e. to help, or atleast, do no harm.

We help our patients to create a formidable impact in the world they live in, by giving them complete health through our quality Homeopathic Healthcare.

It’s a well-known fact that the Bio Medical Model of health has immense influence over the health care system lacks the holistic approach which is needed to cure patients. Adding fuel to the fire, it is riddled with myriad side effects which cause irreversible collateral damage to the patient.

The world is going towardsholistic systems of medicine and which nobody can stop.

This pandemic has made us realise how little we can live withand happily and it has really paved a way for online consultations and treatments which minimise person to person contact.

Complying to the wish of our patients we are starting this online consultation platform where in consultations and payments are done online and the medicines couriered.

The Art Of Homeopathy is anOnline Homeopathic Healthcare centre with a team of highly trained Homeopathic Post Graduate Physicians having rich experience. We take pleasure to treat only Chronic, Stubborn and Challenging cases with the Homeopathic skills which we accrued through our experience.


Inspiring hope and promoting health through Homeopathic system of medicine.


To cure the incurable.

Primary value

where happiness of the patients comes first.



What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a science and art of medicine. It differs from conventional medicine mainly in its concept of disease as a protective explosion-in acute instances as a protective attempt at exteriorization, and in many chronic diseases as an expression of symptoms asking for a remedy. It is based on the law of similars, first recorded by Hippocrates and developed into a system of medicine for Hahnemann, which states that ‘like cures like’.

The fundamental proposition behind the homeopathic materia medica is that remedies should be proved in potency on healthy human beings, and that the results, subjective and objective, of such provings form the drug pictures which are the primary ‘likes’. Homeopathy individualizes each case, realizing that an illness is not only a so-called disease but also the predisposition of the person attacked, as well as that person’s individual reaction to the so called disease. Homeopathy therefore requires a case taking which includes the totality of the symptoms- the patients temperament, mental state, general reactions to heat, cold, storm, food and so on, any striking or peculiar symptoms, as well as his or her pathology. The picture of the sick individual must thus be fitted with a proved remedy picture. The simillimum  is then given to bring out a cure.

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